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Programs (IADP)

Proshika HRDC has been practicing organic agriculture from its inception.

It stands on 42 acres of land of

which 11.9 acres are used for cultivating organic cereal crops, various pulses, oil seeds and vegetables. We are cultivating three cereal crops and six vegetables in a year. Guests can buy fresh vegetables, cooking oil and food grain from HRDC sales center. Also visitors can make order for these products from our head office.

Proshika HRDC Apiculture Program.

A honey processing plant is situated in HRDC campus.

To generate income and employment opportunity for Program participants & to supply pure honey without preservative, Proshika apiculture program ensure all relevant services. Visitors can purchase honey from our sales centre.

Proshika HRDC Proshika Fabrics / Sericulture Program

Proshika fabrics factory and sales centre are located here.

Unstitch cloth or readymade dresses like salware-kamij, sharees, shirts of pure silk, cotton motka are avilable in our sales centre. Visitors can give order or buy these things base on their requirements.

Proshika HRDC Tissue Culture Program

Tissue culture lab is located in HRDC Trust campus.

This lab is standardized the procedure for Banana, Potato, Orchid and some other Ornamental plants. These products are sold on payment to the visitors as their needs.

Proshika HRDC Dairy Enterprise

Proshika has established an integrated agricultural farm since 1980

in which mini dairy farm is one of its components. Our dairy farm has been established to supply organic food for human being consumption. Good quality milk and milk products are produce here for our dyning and also selling for staff and visitors. The products are Ghee, Dahi and different types of sweets.

Proshika HRDC Poultry Farm.

Under construction

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PROSHIKA organise two categories training for development managers and workers on Human development and practical skill development training at Proshika HRDC. The two, however, cover fairly broad areas and are sufficiently flexible to accommodate a wide range of courses

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