Governing Body

As a registered NGO the General Body of PROSHIKA Manobik Unnayan Kendra also consists of 20 members. The body is required to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The general body is the highest authority in the hierarchy of the organization. This general body elects 7 (seven) members as governing body for 3 (three) years to oversee the governance of PROSHIKA. The seven (7) members of Governing Body elects the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasure to see that all sectors of the organization if functioning smoothly and efficiently. The governing body holds a meeting 4 times every year to evaluate the performance of programs and expenditure of the given quarter, according to the approved annual budget by the general body. The general body approves the annual audit report, appoints auditor and approves the yearly budget in the (AGM).

The governing body appoints the Chief Executive Officer of the organization to whom is given the power and mandate to represent and maintain all matters related to the organization. The CEO guides and directs the overall activities including administration and finance with the support of other staff who are involved in the implementation of programs, projects, policies and procedures of the organization. The Chief Executive also has to maintain liaison, fund raising, obtaining necessary approvals with donors, the government, and all level of relevant local, national and international bodies. The Chief Executive is also the appointing and discharging authority for the organization.

Proshika Board

Ms. Rokeya Islam


She was born on 4th February, 1959 at Tangail District of Bangladesh, Ms. Rokeya Islam is the life partner of the brave freedom fighter Md. Asaduzzaman. She started her career as a teacher and she has established a school to make education available to the children of the poverty stricken families. Ms. Islam is a poet, a novelist, drama and short story writer. She won a number of awards including Nazrul Sommanona Award, Dr. Ashraf Siddiki Award, Aroni story competition award, Poet Suvash Mukhaphadhai Award (West Bengal), India and Aparajto Award for her remarkable contribution to Bengali literature. Several of her books were published among them- Sorger Kachakachi (novel, 1995), Akash Amar Akash (poem, 2004), Chue Jai Megher Akash (novel, 2006), Tumi Ami Tepantar (novel, 2008), Tabuo Tumei Simanto (novel 2010), Josna Jole Snan Sondha (poem 2011, published from Kolkata), Dipro Tajri O Apujaner Golpo (children novel, 2011), Ekbar Dako Samubro Bole (novel), Keno Dako Barebar (novel), Surje Fere Din (novel, 2016), Atoppor Dhruba Tara (novel, 2018) are mention-worthy. These works became popular and widely appreciated by the readers of all walks of society. About 35 dramas were staged and cinemas were made based on her popular novels and story. Those were telecast through different television channels and shown in the cinema halls of Bangladesh. As a mark of recognition for her achievements; different organizations honored her by giving membership in their organization. Bangladesh Awami League made her its honorable member, life time membership was given by Tangail Public Library and she is an executive member of DORP, a renowned NGO in Bangladesh. Ms. Islam has been elected as Chairman of PROSHIK’s Governing Body (GB) on June 09, 2020. Before the date, she was vice-chairman of the Governing Body since 2012. Her dynamic leadership quality and understanding of social development perspectives helped PROSHIKA to achieve its organizational vision and objectives.

Great Freedom Fighter Md. Zahirul Islam


Mr. Zahirul Islam is present Vice-Chairman of PROSHIKA. He was born at village named Biswas Betka, Dhaka road, in the district of Tangail, on 1950. Mr. Islam was a great freedom fighter. He joined liberation war, sector no. 11 under camp -2 . In 1971, Mr. Islam went to Guerilla warfare in India for training in handling weapons in liberation war. He has completed his Primary Teacher Training Course from Primary Teachers Training Institute (PTI), Tangail. After completing the course successfully, he started his career as a primary school teacher. Being a teacher, he is well known as “Zahir Master” in his locality. He is a veteran politician as well as he takes part in different social works and different initiative to help the disadvantaged people of the society. He has been elected as Vice-Chairman of PROSHIKA Governing Body on June 09, 2020. Earlier, he was the treasurer of the body up to 2018.

Ms. Rafiqa Aktar


Ms. Rafiqua Akter is a well-known women activist and development practitioner in Bangladesh. She came from a highly regarded family of Comilla District. Ms. Akter possess a brilliant career as a development thinker, especially on women empowerment strategy. At one time, she was working with ‘Rangpur-Dinajpur Rural Services (RDRS) as “Project Administrator”. Ms. Rafiqua Akter has been graduated from Jahangirnagar University in Economics. Having practical and conceptual knowledge in women empowerment, Ms. Akter has written an article which is full of information regarding balancing process and strategies between man and women. The article bears tittle is “Creating a Balance between Men and Women”. As recognition of her conceptual capacity regarding women development this article was circulated in the Beijing Conference that held in 1995. Earlier considering her capacity and experience, she was elected as a member of PROSHIKA Governing Body. Upon reshuffling the structure of Governing body Ms. Rafiqua Akter has been elected as “Treasurer” in the Governing Body’s meeting no. 142.

Md. Aslam Uddin


Mr. Aslam Uddin was born on 16 August, 1975 in Khulna district. He belongs in a respectable Muslim family. He resides permanently at Baitul Falah Crossing, Khalishpur, Khulna. Mr. Aslam has been passed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination. He is a grassroots community leader. He organized a number of movements for achieving rights of the poor people of his locality. As well as he organized a number of right-based movements and fought for ensuring socio-economic development of the poor people in Khulna region. As a grassroots community leader, Mr. Aslam is a very much popular in his community. It is remarkable that Mr. Aslam is an energetic person, having social and communication skills through which he plays role of leadership. At present, he is running a business and a member both of the Governing Body and General Body of PROSHIKA Manobik Unnayan Kendra.

Md. Yakub Miah


Mr. Yakub was born on 3 January, 1955 at the village named Demsha of Keranihat upazila in Chattagram district. He is the son of Haji Noor Ahmed and Bilkish Begum. Mr. Miah is a Higher Secondary Certificate holder. He is a leader of grassroots people and works hard for bringing positive change for the poor people in his area. Mr. Miah is engaged with various social and cultural organizations those operating their functions in his area. Every one in his area respects him very much for his duty towards them. He takes interest in development works and engages himself in development activities operating by different social and cultural associations and local clubs. Mr. Yakub, presently, plays a role of member of the Governing Body of PROSHIKA Manobik Unnayan Kendra.

Md. Abul Basher


Mr. Abul Basher, a Governing Body Member of PROSHIKA Manobik Unnayan Kendra, was born on 31 December, 1950 at Mirpur in Dhaka. He is a son of Mr. Ali Ahmed and Jinnatunnesa. He is a former schoolteacher and a member of Bangladesh National Scout Committee. Mr. Bashar holds the position of Vice President of Bangladesh Prabin Hitoushi Sangha. Earlier he worked here as a treasurer and was a member of executive committee. Mr. Basher, father of two children is a proud and a successful man for his well-established children. After completing MBA from Australia, his son engaged himself in business and he is now a renowned successful businessman. Another is a daughter is being served at a bank named Pubali Bank Limited. Mr. Basher has considerable knowledge in socio-economic and administrative areas. His analytical skills are very sharp and can arrive at a decision in a smarter manner.

Mr. Abdul Matin

Member, NGO person

Mr. Matin was born on 30 June 1956 at the village Sailan of Dhamrai Upazila in Dhaka district. He is the son of Mr. Abdul Latif and Ms. Latifunessa. He is one of the Executive Directors of an NGO named SAJAG. He is one of the most known personalities, a brilliant and well-behaved person in NGO communities in Bangladesh. As one of the development leaders, he has a huge contribution in NGO’s sector and rendered necessary support to overcome their management difficulties. He has considerable knowledge in strategic management; hence, he makes effective decisions at the right time. Mr. Matin is found to be a perfectionist and perform his duty in a decent fashion with applying analytical model and framework. Moreover, he is a popular and friendly grassroots NGO’s leader. As a leader, he performs several activities related to NGO management. Mr. Abdul Matin, at present, is the Chairperson of Association Development Agenesis in Bangladesh (ADAB) and a member of PROSHIKA Governing Body.

Md. Abdul Khaleque Talukder


Mr. Talukder a son of parents Al-haj Hasen Ali Talukder and Jinnatunessa. He was born on 22 February 1951 at Mohammadpur in Dhaka district. Mr. Talukder has obtains his Master Degree in Mathematics at Jahangirnagar University. In personal life, he is a teacher and social worker and philanthropist. Mr. Talukder is a respected person in his community. He, as a senior person, usually advices to the youth to work for society and community development. People of his locality is being benefited from his advice and tries to keep social integration strong in order to maintain discipline and living a peaceful life. Many individuals, clubs, senior’s group approach to him for consultation when they face any troubles and difficulties. His social service commitments are remarkable as he performs all these neither without personal interest nor from any other intention.

Ms. Renuka Biswas

Member, NGO person

Ms. Renuka Biswas is a social worker and an NGO leader. She is the head of Jagarani Sangstha working at Gopalgonj district. She is a daughter of Amendra Nath Biswas and Kanaklata Biswas. She was born at Chikunibari of Kotalipara upazila in Gopalganj district. Her National Identification No. is 3515171620918. Ms. Renuka is a dedicated social development worker and working for improving the socio-economic condition of the poor community. She is working in development field for a decade and become a well-known grassroots women leader in development sector. She is involved with many social organizations, clubs and associations in Gopalganj region. Ms. Renuka is a dynamic and capable leader. She has contact and linkage with different government agencies, departments, National and international NGOs. She possesses good managerial skills. As a social development leader, she has considerable analytical skills and capacity of decision making. Moreover, she has organizing capacity and organized several right-based movements in order to ensure social, political and legal aids of the poor people.

Md. Nurul Islam (Tuhin)


Mr. Nurul Islam (Tuhin) is a businessman and at present working at Samorita Hospital as general manager. He is a only son of his father Ali Akand and mother Kancha Begum. He was born at Rajapur of Belkuchi thana in Sirajgonj district. At present, he resides in Dhaka. Mr. Islam bears a service delivery mentality through which he provides medical services to the people who need such help. As an attractive personality, Mr. Islam shows interest to be associated with people irrespective of class, creed and religion. He understands that to serve people one should not have discriminatory values and behavior. As an administrator, Mr. Islam possesses managerial attributes and problem solving capacity. He is skilled in analyzing social conditions and decision-making. Hence, Mr. Islam gained respect of people and popularity in his circle.