Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities

One can get in touch with the rural life during morning and evening walks and stay with nature breathing freely at a big playground, open-air spaces, and chat at leisure on the rooftop sky terrace, and sit with a fishing rod by the lake to hook a fish. In addition, there are arrangements for playing some indoor and outdoor games, performing cultural programs like people's theatre, drama, ballad dance, musical show, stick-play, etc.

Natural Views

The entire venue exudes unique beauty that flows from the greens and blues, the stillness of water bodies around, and the constant whistle of winds and twittering of birds. Almost all fruit-trees, herbal-trees, ornamental-trees and timber-trees are available in PROSHIKA HRDC campus that creates an enormous green outlook all over the HRDC campus. The whole compound is greenish with different trees, flowers and vegetation.

Sky View Terrace

It is an open rooftop venue at the second floor of the Uttarayan complex. The place, surrounding by gardens, is extremely charming especially at moonlit nights. Three hundred people can gather at a time for this panoramic aerial view of the scenery around.

Procedure of booking

Any organization or individual could arrange their program at PROSHIKA HRDC. To ensure booking for the program, it should be informed at least two weeks ago of the event. At the time of confirmation, 50% charges of estimated budget is required as advance. In terms of cancellation, it should be informed ten days before of the schedule program. In case of failure, 10% charges of accommodation or conference halls will be paid as compensation.

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